Ebola, Transhumanism & Neuroprolotherapy for Pain


I just wanted to touch base with fans of the broadcast to let you know I have not stepped out of the podcasting business. I’ve just been busy building a new practice in Kalamazoo, Michigan called Integrative pain Solutions, which has been very time-consuming, as well as working on writing a new informational booklet on Neuroprolotherapy (NPT) which I call PAINt (Perineural Anti-Inflammatory therapy) – a wonderful treatment for pain of all types, especially chronic nerve pain.

Today we talk about what’s in the news

  1.   Ebola
  • How dangerous it is
  • Is it a plot (for you conspiracy theorists)
  • How can we stop it?
  • Can playing games on a phone teach us any important lessons about how to control an epidemic?

2.  Transhumanism – going beyond being human

  • What is it?

Transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.”

A quicky Osteopathic Moment: Successful treatment of acute sinusitis via cranial manipulation

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