Truly FREE 15 min Consult
No Obligation.

Here’s why:

Dr. Cohn is aware that the kinds of treatment he provides are not ‘standard’ or usual.

Many potential patients will be unfamiliar with the

  • kind of medicine he practices
  • the types of diagnostics he performs
  • the techniques he prefers to use
  • or the logic & science behind all of the above.

He expects that you will have questions or concerns you want answered before undertaking a new kind of treatment.  Many of these questions can be answered in a brief,  casual ‘Meet and Greet’ discussion.

When we say ‘FREE,’ we mean FREE

  • of fees
  • of pressure to pursue treatment
  • of obligation of any kind
  • of providing information (ex. financial) you would rather not divulge in this first meeting

In this brief, no obligation 15 minute introductory consultation, you will have the opportunity to talk with Dr. Cohn, to ask questions, and to see whether or not he may be able to help you and whether he is someone you, as a patient, would like to work with.

Dr. Cohn can do this because he works WITH YOU and FOR YOU – not for your insurance company.

Please, do not be hesitant about taking us up on our offer.  The doctor takes great pleasure in introducing new people to the concepts underlying his diagnoses, the treatments he utilizes, and the relief he has provided to so many.

Schedule your 15 minute Introductory Consult, NOW!