Does My Insurance Cover this?

MOST INSURANCE COMPANIES DO COVER SOME OF THE SERVICES PROVIDED at IPS such as office visits &osteopathic manipulative treatment.  Almost none, however, cover the other highly effective, cutting edge therapies we frequently employ to relieve your pain.

Moreover, while most insurances are set up to provide payment for services such as office visits, they actually pay for only a standard 5-12 minute visit. The average visit at IPS ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour or more of actual face-to-face service. Your time is precious, as is the doctor’s. The time you spend together is valuable, but not significantly valued by most insurance companies.


We have no mechanism for submitting claims to any insurance companies and are, therefore, unable to do so for you.

You will always receive a “Super-bill”: an itemized list of services with appropriate diagnostic and treatment codes which you may submit to your insurance.


We are not a Medicare provider. Since Medicare has determined that it will not cover natural medicine services, including Prolotherapy and Perineural Anti-INflammatory Therapy (PAInT/Neuroprolotherapy), Integrative Pain Solutions cannot be part of this system.

For that reason, all new patients at IPS in Kalamzaoo must be under 64 years of age and not Medicare beneficiaries nor Medicare-eligible.

If you are a Medicare recipient, Dr. Cohn  CAN SEE YOU  AT OUR OTHER CLINIC IN GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan.

For further information about how to make an appointment in Grand Rapids, Medicare recipients please call (269)290-7700.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


IPS is not a Medicaid provider; HOWEVER, if you are a Medicaid recipient, you may still partake of our services, but you are responsible for payment-in-full for all services received.  Medicaid will not reimburse you.