At your first appointment, Dr. Cohn will

  • thoroughly review your history
  • perform an appropriately detailed osteopathic neuromusculoskeletal examination
  • most likely provide a trial of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment to determine its diagnostic and therapeutic value
  • develop a preliminary treatment plan

This initial evaluation usually requires about 45-60 minutes.
The investment for this comprehensive evaluation is $297.

Dr. Cohn spends a great deal of time educating his patients about

  • their specific injuries and/or conditions
  • osteopathic philosophy and science – which impact the types and choices of treatment(s)
  • which specific treatments are likely to be chosen or provide the best result and why and
  • will discuss the treatment plan and all potential costs with you.

You are never committed to a course of treatment and there are no high-pressure sales tactics.

This is a physician’s office. Dr. Cohn believes in patient education and the rights of patients to make informed decisions for themselves regarding what treatments they find acceptable and in their best interests – or the right to decline further treatment; no questions asked.

Partial Payment Policy

Although we are unable to accept partial payment for services already rendered, if finances are an issue, certain treatments and testing may potentially be done in increments or at a later date acceptable to the patient.